What Will Happen in 2012 and Beyond?

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The question, "What will happen in 2012?" is being asked by a great many people. The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 which has given rise to a considerable amount of speculation about what might happen, including predictions that the world will either end or that we will experience some sort of catastrophic event. With so much fear and uncertainty surrounding "What will happen in 2012?," we decided to ask Eloheim for their perspective. Eloheim explains how we can use the energies of "2012" for our spiritual growth and answers the following questions: What did the Mayans know about 2012 and why does their calendar end in December of 2012?; Why did the Hopi point to 2012 and say any chance at salvation is now useless as we have gone too far?; Why is there so much fear about 2012? Isn't it pretty likely there will be one or more disasters in the future?; Is it true that the Earth's population will be reduced to 500 million?; Will Jesus reappear in 2012?; Will aliens rescue the surviving population like a modern Noah's ark?; Are aliens already here?; Is the Earth going to be like a cell dividing in two--people who ascend going with the new Earth and the others staying behind thinking the rest are dead or gone? Will there be a nuclear war or will the Earth be hit by an asteroid causing an ice age?; Are pole shifts occurring that may cause chaos in 2012? How about solar flares and problems related to that causing Earth disturbances?; Is it true that a civilization will emerge from middle Earth in 2012?; Is overpopulation going to cause a disaster in 2012? We learn by crisis. Does it appear that we're getting it or do we need bigger and bigger crises to move ahead?; Regarding 2012, are there any safe areas?; If it's true that everyone is going to ascend anyway, what's the point in all the work that we're doing?; How can I deal with my fear and anxiety regarding 2012? Is there anything I should do to prepare for it?; What will happen after 2012? The book also contains four of Eloheim's tools for spiritual growth: Point fingers; What's in your lap?; What is true now?; and Compare you to you. Additionally, there are 62 definitions of terms and concepts including: ascension, creating your reality, consciousness-based operating system, energetics, ensoulment, free will, Homo spiritus, shadow, soul's perspective, transformation, vibration, and your internal world creates your external experience. The book closes with information about Eloheim and The Council and a description of the channeling process. Use the energy of 2012 to facilitate your personal growth! --Eloheim
As 2012 approaches we have a growing list of what "experts" feel might occur, even though there is no scientific evidence that anything untoward will happen.
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AUTHOR Eloheim And the Council
FILENAME What Will Happen in 2012 and Beyond?.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 21 Dec 2011

Veronica Torres (Author of What Will Happen in 2012 and Beyond?)

As 2012 approaches we have a growing list of what "experts" feel might occur, even though there is no scientific evidence that anything untoward will happen.

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Veronica Torres: is based in Sonoma, CA. She has channeled Eloheim since 2002, both in public and private sessions. Her public channeling sessions are offered five times a month. These sessions are broadcast live on the Internet and archived for on-demand viewing. Veronica's career history is ...


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