Dirty Talking & Texting Tips

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Perfect for long-distance relationships these tips will add spice to your romance wherever you're located! When the mood strikes, you can reveal fantasies and sexy thoughts while you're out of town, at work or even across the dinner table from him...It doesn't matter if you don't know your TDTM (Talk Dirty To Me) from your TMI's (Too Much Information), or you're so plugged in that you don't even consider a relationship 'official' until it's on your Facebook profile, you still need to sort through the subtext and figure out how - and what - to send and reply. Here you'll learn how to get him hot and bothered in 15 words or less, keep the flirtexting alive once you've been together for a while, solve bad connections and use emoticons and punctuation to highlight your messages, all in way that'll get him texting back for more.
If you're not sure what to say, check out the smart phone app, Sexy Texts, which offers ideas, ranging from the romantic to the dirty, dirty. Get Playful Whip out your vibrator and let your moans and sighs do the talking.
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AUTHOR Lisa Sweet
FILENAME Dirty Talking & Texting Tips.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 07 Feb 2012

Dirty Talking Texting Tips...!! by Lisa Sweet - Goodreads

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Discover the texting secrets to make him addicted to you with these four secrets for writing flirty texts for him that will get him to stand up and take notice of you. Instantly amp up your text flirting game with this article.


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